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The Canadian Neighbourhood is an online program that helps students connect concepts to the clinical setting, through virtual patient experience in a safe environment. Like a television program, The Canadian Neighbourhood presents storylines of families and people, which unfold over three seasons online. Set in a fictitious community that could be anywhere in Canada, this program features a diverse roster of 37 characters, and families, and institutions, and presents examples of the most prevalent disorders. The characters’ interrelated stories show the interactions of nurses and other healthcare providers, and patients and their families. Videos, photos, medical records, and narrative highlight the circumstances that affect the health of community members.

By viewing The Canadian Neighbourhood, student nurses gain an appreciation that their clients are people with lives outside of the healthcare setting.

The Canadian Neighbourhood is a cross-curriculum product that can be made available to all students in a nursing program, and used by professors in every course - fundamentals to nursing leadership. Accordingly, students can follow the storylines throughout each course in their program – providing a consistent, immersive longitudinal case study filled with engaging characters and scenarios.

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